Julia Lim, owner of catering service EatGood in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, prepping meals for delivery. (Photo courtesy of Grab Indonesia)

Small Catering Service in Pontianak Finds Success With GrabExpress

MARCH 22, 2019

Jakarta. Since Grab introduced its ride-hailing app, which it now touts as an "everyday super app," the company has maintained a solid foothold on the Southeast Asia market.

From modest beginnings as a ride-hailing service, the company has since diversified into food delivery and digital payments. But the company has done so much more and even helped bolster growth for small businesses across the region.

Julia Lim, who owns small catering service EatGood in Pontianak, West Kalimantan, can be counted among those whose business have flourished thanks to Grab's instant courier service, GrabExpress.

Julia started to start eat healthy, which ultimately saw her starting EatGood in August last year. She identified a business opportunity when hearing people in her neighborhood complain about the lack of healthy food options, which prompted Julia and her friend, WieWie, who is a cook, to start EatGood.

But like any other business, there were some challenges, and for EatGood, it was logistics. During their first week, Julia and WieWie struggled to deliver their food to customers.

"Logistics is one of the most crucial parts of the catering business, because it can affect the quality of our food before it reaches the customer," Julia said.

"In the first week running our business, we used local couriers to make deliveries. That was one of the toughest times for our business, as customers complained about deliveries that were seldom on time, causing the food to go cold on the way," she added.

Realizing the problem, Julia started using GrabExpress in the second week of EatGood's operations.

"GrabExpress played a big role in delivering our food more quickly, helping our business grow," Julia said.

"Our customers were also happy with Grab's promotional code offers exclusive to our customers. We've since added two more people to our staff to help us prepare between 70 and 80 orders every day. We make around Rp 50 million [$3,500] every month," she added.

In line with Grab's commitment to continually improve the welfare of its partners, EatGood has contributed greatly to the welfare of Grab partners in Pontianak.

"A few drivers told me they benefit greatly from EatGood's routine deliveries. Before lunchtime, a few drivers would head to EatGood to pick up our customers' orders. For the last seven months we've been working with GrabExpress, our business has grown significantly and our customer satisfaction has never been better," Julia said.